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Tapizados Nueva Generación S.L.

TAPIZADOS NUEVA GENERACION, S.L. is a company of design and manufacture of all type of UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE, formed by a human team with more than 40 years of experience in the furniture sector.
The objective and philosophy of our company is to offer personalized products and services for each client (advising them and adapting us to their needs), close attention and trust, with a maximum commitment of high quality and great professionalism.
In this way, we sketch the ideas of our clients, develop these sketches and manufacture our designs incorporating the materials suitable for each need combining INNOVATION, QUALITY and SAVINGS.
With all this, we try to ensure total satisfaction from our customers. Our desire is to maintain your complete trust in our firm.
We have a wide catalogue of models, both for the home as well as for the hotel sector, the real-state industry and the interior decorating sector, being able to adapt to any demand of format or measure that the client may need.

Upholstered furniture is very diverse and the variety of models is even wider (according to materials, formats and qualities). Thus, it would be correct to think that each upholstered furniture should be adapted to its owner.

It's also said that "every person is a world unto himself". So, are companies all the same, or are they different like people? We understand that they are different, and our work is focused on assuming the entity of our customers (companies or individuals) to manufacture products tailored to their characteristics.

Our company creates any type of product under any consideration (certain characteristics, several materials, etc.).

Our products, due to the quality of the materials used and the final finish, are prepared to have a long life. With this, we can offer a purchase guarantee. Made products will be comfortable, current and adaptable so they can be functional and help to create a warm and pleasant environment.

At this moment, in any official center, office or hotel, different but safe set of chairs is required. Therefore, all our products will be manufactured under the regulation needed by the customer (like using fire retardant materials, for example).

Our models for individuals are developed thinking about daily and continuous usage, including sofas, chairs, armchairs, corner sofas, pouffes, headboards, sofas with pillowslips, sofa beds, various set of chairs, modular furniture...

Our company policy has as main priority the quality and finish of our products, but always adjusting costs. We always look for our products to be an unbeatable choice because of our competitive prices.

We will always be aware of the society's demand and, with this, we guarantee that we will create our products according to market situation.
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