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Upholstering is much more than simply lining a seat with a cloth...

It’s about many things: giving shape, innovating, improving comfort... and even bringing back life to a piece of furniture that, due to the passage of time or due to damages caused by its continuous use, had already lost its good aspect.

In addition, to give a touch of elegance and distinction into the decoration of a living space.

Therefore, it must be taken into account what each company offers when it comes to upholstering any piece of furniture.

In our case, besides our already told quality commitment and competitive prices, we offer our customers the following:
  • Variety of cloths for upholstery, such as fabric, faux leather (imitation leather) or leather
  • Cutting, assembling and manufacturing of all kinds of models, in both standard and custom sizes
  • Manufacture of framework (structure) in wood (or other materials added to it, if needed)
  • Cutting, sewing and confection of the cloth chosen (and zippers, if needed)
  • Cutting, shaping and stapling of cartons on the framework
  • Putting straps on seats, back and arms
  • Cutting, shaping and gluing the foam on the framework (also on cushions, if needed)
  • Cutting, shaping and gluing the wadding on the foam (also on cushions, if needed)
  • Stuffing cushions (if applicable)
  • Upholstery (with the cloth previously prepared)


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